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The Most Beautiful Areas of the Peak District, Ideal for Hiking and Photography

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

All of these places are different and beautiful in unique ways, so this list is in no particular order. Not to mention that each and every one of you reading this will have your own personal preferences. My advice would be to check out the pictures posted, and then go to each area you like the look of- if not all of them. Let me know which one you liked the most!

1. Mam Tor

Perhaps one of the most popular spots in the Peak District, every time you go it's unlikely you will be alone. There is a good reason for that. This place is stunning! I have actually wrote a whole separate blog on this if you want to look at that here.

Pictured above is the famous road. I think that most landscape photographers in the area, will have at least a few shots of this. If you walk further down the ridge you will find many great photo opportunities, and of course fantastic views if you are going for a hike.

The hike to the top of the peak is moderate and then from there you can head down the ridge line as far as you like, so you can make the hike as hard as you like. To get to the end (Lose Hill) it will take around 1hr.

2. Winnats Pass

Just round the corner from Mam Tor there is another area of exceptional beauty. You could probably do both on the same day. I have wrote another more detailed blog about this area which you can read here.

Famous for its cloud inversions if you feel like getting up for sunrise. Definitely worthwhile for those of you that don't mind an early start.

The initial hike to get to the top is steep but once you're up, you're up! The views from the top are exceptional! You will definitely want to spend some time at the top to soak up the beauty of the area. For those of you looking to hike even more you can get to the quaint village of Castleton from here. So perhaps hike down there, and grab yourself some well deserved food.

3. Ladybower Reservoir

This is another very popular spot in the Peak District. You can literally park right next to this stunning area. With plenty of opportunities for great photos and scenery filled hikes, you can see why!

You can hike to Bamford Edge from here, which is a whole new fantastic location in its own right. Providing a fantastic view of the whole reservoir. Going around the reservoir you will find the famous sinkhole, and a massive forest. You can spend a long time here and not get even close to bored, trust me! For more info on Ladybower Reservoir click here.

4. Howden Dam

Within walking distance of Ladybower Reservoir, you can find this victorian build castle turret looking dam surrounded by spectacular scenery. One of the best spots in the Peak District you can find. There is a track going all the way round to both of the dams, which is perfect for a good hike.

Definitely worth a visit, especially in the autumn. All of the foliage around here becomes so beautiful that time of year!

5. Snake Pass/ Hope Woodland

This treelined road nested in a dense pine forest makes for a fantastic location for both walks and photos (or both!). This woodland is a perfect getaway from reality with paths winding all over, you can have a nice walk and get some great shots. I'm not suggesting you walk on snake pass by the way! Its just a really beautiful road for some photos.

Another place that looks its best in autumn, there is a car park directly opposite the forest. You can find this on google maps just looking for Hope Woodland Carpark. From the carpark, there are places that you can safely photograph the beautiful snake pass road too!

6. Chrome Hill

Heading to the south of the Peak District, there are even more brilliant places to go to. Chrome Hill is in the heart of the countryside, and is definitely worth climbing up. Although I would personally recommend climbing up Parkhouse Hill- the hill opposite. Thats so you can get a view of the even more impressive Chrome Hill.

It's a moderate hike to the top of either of these hills. They're both pretty steep but the views are definitely worth it! This is a special place to watch either sunset or sunrise, especially when the sun hits one side of the hill like pictured above!

7. Curbar Edge

Curbar Edge is very easy to access with a car park right next to it. That's not to say you can't get a good hike in here if you don't want to. There's a huge edge that you can hike all the way down and get some awesome photos on the way. But if you aren't the walking type then you can get an amazing view within 3 mins of walking from the car park so more or less straight away.

You don't have to jump over the rocks to get some nice shots don't worry! There's literally so many different compositions, and fantastic opportunities for photos you will see for yourself when you get there. If you want some more information on this location then click here.

8. Luds Church

This gorge is a reasonable hike away from the nearby village of Gradbach. A unique location in the Peak District, you won't find anywhere like it. Its a top place to visit for both photographers and hikers. The area is beautiful.

The gorge itself spans over about 0.1 miles so its not a massive area but you can find so many cool passages and rock formations here its definitely worth a visit. For more info on Luds Church click here

9. Monsal Dale

A lesser known yet incredible quaint area of the Peak District. With a typical old English village nestled in the peaks surrounded by countryside you can't go wrong with this place. There's plenty of awesome hiking routes around here. You can go from the top (car park) and hike down.

On your way down you'll see buildings like above and a lot of nature everywhere. Not to mention theres an old viaduct at the bottom, which is perfect for photographs or just walking around. You can hike up to the top of it!

So there you have it. That's quite a few locations for you to get you started. I will be adding more to this list over time to be sure to check it out. If you would like more information about photography in these areas and photography in general please join my facebook group here.


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