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Photographing Curbar Edge in the Peak District

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Curbar Edge is a stunning location in the Eastern part of the Peak District. There is an abundance of photography opportunities here, not to mention the spectacular view. As stated in the name; Curbar Edge, is a rocky edge providing a great view of Peak District. So if you haven't been, then I would get this on your list of places to go for sure.

Getting to Curbar Edge is relatively easy if you have a car. Simply type Curbar Gap Car Park into google maps and that will take you right next to it. Once you are in the carpark there is a footpath leading directly to the edge- this is around a 5 min walk.

Once you are here you will soon see why this area is a must go for photographers; stunning! The camera equipment I would recommend bringing is a wide angle lens- for shots like below. A telescopic lens to zoom in on certain areas and get nice tight shots.

Then I would also recommend bringing a drone, as far as I am aware they are not restricted in this area (writing this in 2020). Drones can get some great shots flying off the edge. The shot at the start of this blog was taken on a drone.

The area is actually not just good for landscape photography- it is also great for portraits. There are many flower fields next to it, and the backdrop provides a fantastic scene to photograph people in too. There are so many different angles, and interesting compositions the rocky formation provides.

Sunrise and Sunset are brilliant in this location. I would say sunrise is better because of the possibility of a cloud inversion. Being so high up you would get an incredible view of the bed of cloud sitting below. I can't show you any examples of this as I haven't been fortunate to come across one here. Please let me know if you do I would love to hear from you!

Overall, Curbar Edge is well worth a visit. Highly accessible and provides a massive range of photography opportunities. Thank you for reading!


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