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How to Overcome Creative Blocks in Photography

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

This is something that happens to all of us. At some point, whether it's happened to you, or it's happening right now you will hit a block. So, I thought I'd give you some pointers on how to overcome this, and carry on getting those shots!

Try- First thing you can do is to just try, as crazy as it might sound right now. Just go out and take some shots, wherever. This will spark up the creative wheels in your brain back into motion. Honestly, you will probably get into a rhythm again. I mean we are blessed to live in an era with digital cameras. So, if you don't like it, delete it. You have nothing to lose. Going out and just trying regardless of what you feel isn't easy, but totally worth it. Trust me.

Inspiration - Next thing to do is take inspiration from other photographers. Whether you have found what genre you want to specialise in or not. Just take a look at some leading photographers work. You are bound to get some really interesting, cool ideas from them. This again will spark those creative wheels back into motion. Side note- don't copy their work! There's a line between taking inspiration and copying, don't cross it! Not cool!

Take a break!- Taking a break for even just 10 minutes can be so powerful. I know, I am guilty of it a lot. Just getting caught up in an edit or trying to capture something perfect. Constantly going again and again with no improved results. Let your brain reset, and come back with a fresh mind. Sometimes, obviously with natural light this isn't possible. You have to grab that amazing light while you can. If this isn't possible, I would revert back to the first point which is to try!

Educate yourself- Photography has an endless amount of knowledge to be taken in. I am always learning myself, and will continue to do so throughout my career. In educating yourself, you will learn so much. There is endless amounts of content out there you can use to better yourself. I would personally recommend this course. In educating yourself further this can again get you out of this creative rut you have got yourself into. Learning new concepts, ideas and techniques will surely help you to get back on the right track.

Look through your old photos- Looking through old photos can give you new ideas. They will help you remember the joy you took in capturing them too. This in turn will motivate you to get back out there. Sometimes, I will look through my old pictures and it will remind me of ideas I had in that place, which I wanted to try out. Again breaking that horrible road block I have got myself into. I mean besides anything else, its nice to look through your old photos right?

So there it is, 5 ways for you to overcome a creative block. I'm sure you will get through it, and if you haven't had one yet then keep this blog in mind. Thank you for reading, and have an awesome, creative block free day!


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