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Photographing the Incredible Area of Flamborough Cliffs in Yorkshire

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

This has got to be one of my favourite locations for photography in the UK, and if you decide to go yourself; I'm sure you will see why! With scenic white cliffs, stunning fields, flowers (seasonal), birds and a lighthouse you really can't run out of photo opportunities. I mean, what more do you want right?

I found that if you use a drone here its a real winner. Being able to fly out to the sea and shoot back on the cliff edges, or using the cliffs as a leading line (as seen above) is fantastic. Be careful flying here though, the winds can be very strong. Sometimes they can blow out to sea too. It's not worth losing your drone over!

Another piece of kit I found really useful here was the telescopic lens- 70-200mm. There were so many nice tight crop shots to be found all the way down the coastline. Not to mention the abundance of birds and awesome macro shots to be found. All the way down the coast there's plenty of interesting flowers and great opportunities to get some tight crop shots of the cliffs (pictured below).

There are two places you can park at Flamborough Cliffs. One is next to the cliffs and the other is next to the lighthouse. They are both in walking distance of each other- although it is a long walk. Personally, I would rather go to the cliff car park I prefer the area on that side a little more. Although the lighthouse is definitely worth a visit too!

Lighthouse Car Park

Cliffs Car Park

There are a lot of birds here, nesting in the cliffs. Obviously great for us photographers, both landscape and wildlife. You can find Auks, Gannets, Gulls (lots!) and Puffins here. The Puffins are hard to come by I personally haven't spotted any whenever I have gone. Speaking of wildlife, you can also see dolphins here if you are really lucky! Check out the video below to see the sheer amount of birds in this location!

With this massive range of photo opportunities, the lighthouse here is the cherry on the cake really! The lighthouse I found quite challenging to photograph to be honest. You will see a lot of buildings right next to it - its practically in the town. This limits your choices for composition. Unless you are prepared to include the town in the shot. Drones work well with the lighthouse, flying out to sea and shooting back on the lighthouse. I found my telelens worked well too (see images below).



If that wasn't already enough, there are also some needles broken off from the cliffs, isolated and great to photograph. One of them is actually featured in the video above. These needles are fantastic to add to your compositions. I didn't manage to, this time round but in retrospect, I'd love to do a long exposure on one of these. You can find them dotted all along the coastline.

All in all, Flamborough is an amazing place to take some photos. Landscapes, Macro even portraits would be great here. I'd love to see some of your shots, join my facebook group here. There are so many different photo opportunities here, you could literally spend days and come back with different results each time. Thank you for reading.


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