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Ladybower Reservoir; One of the Peak Districts Best Spots for Landscape Photography.

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

This is honestly the place that inspired me to start landscape photography. I'm sure you will see why if you take a visit. I recall driving from Manchester to Sheffield and I just had to stop, look around and subsequently come back with my camera. You can easily access this beautiful area as there is a main road that goes right next to it with a great deal of parking.

There are many great vantage points to photograph this awesome landscape and explore around the area. The photograph above was taken at sunset from this vantage point circled below.

There is a sinkhole that is quite prolific in the landscape photographers community very close to this location. This is a fantastic location for long exposures, the movement of the water going down this huge sinkhole gets greatly enhanced with a long exposure.

You can see in the image above why so many people like this location. Thanks go to Tim Hill for providing this photo; I'm still yet to photograph it. You can find the sinkhole here (circled below).

This location is awesome to photograph at sunset and sunrise. When you visit Ladybower for sunset be mindful that it will probably set just before the time it's supposed to. This is because the area is surrounded by high peaks. You can get wonderful colours here all year round at sunset which are enhanced by the large body of water. Below is a shot I took at sunset in March 2020.

Sunrise in my opinion is a better time to go. This is because you can get amazing cloud inversions all over the reservoir. When the light hits these clouds it really is a spectacular sight. You are also likely to have the whole place to yourself. Most people aren't crazy enough to go at that time for photos.

Ladybower Reservoir can be photographed all times of day on an overcast day. It looks amazing gives off a completely different vibe. The surrounding woodland can get covered in cloud- just like at sunrise. This usually burns off on a clear day but when its overcast it can stick around and gives you the opportunity to get some different shots like this.

As you can see this reservoir gives the opportunity to get completely varied photos throughout the year and at different times of day in different weather conditions. Your options are endless. You can climb up to Bamford Edge or enjoy the location from ground level. Either way you are in a spectacular location for photos.

I hope you get a chance to visit this great place and let me know how you get on.

Thanks for reading,



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