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Photographing Winnats Pass

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Winnats Pass is arguably one of the most photogenic roads in the uk. Rivalled mainly by Cheddar Gorge, this area is of exceptional beauty.

This is an excellent location because you can shoot there both at sunset and sunrise. Astro photography is also a possibility.

Aerial Shot of a Cloud Inversion


The best sunrises at Winnats Pass are those with a cloud inversion (well, in my opinion anyway). Cloud inversions are hard to come by and may take a few visits. My advice would be to check the weather; see what the sunrise is expected to be like. Pick a good day and keep your fingers crossed. Here’s some useful links

Cloud Inversion Sunrise

Another factor to consider is the direction of light. Figure out where the sun is going to rise before you head out. This then gives you a great opportunity to set up your composition before the sun comes up. With knowledge of approximately where it’s going to be.

Winnats Pass takes around 20-30 minutes to walk to the top- this is where you will get the tremendous view!


Sunset is very much worth doing at Winnats Pass. Although I will say; I feel sunrise is possibly better.

I personally enjoy the blue hour at sunset more than the golden hour. This is because when it gets darker you can really start playing with your settings. The light streams are definitely worth a shot (excuse the pun).

Shot just after blue hour
Winnats Pass Astro shot just after blue hour

Points to note;

Remember that the Peak District is full of peaks- ha!. So whilst it may say the sun will set at 6:50pm (just for an example) it may actually set at Winnats Pass at 6:30pm because it needs to set over the peaks in the surrounding area. This is something you should take into consideration for both sunrise and sunset. Everywhere in the Peak District not just Winnats Pass.

I am currently running workshops in this area. If you would like some in-depth tuition please contact


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