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Photographing Luds Church in the Peak District

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Luds Church is an incredibly beautiful gorge found in North England, South Peak District. Perfect for photography. This location is called Luds Church because catholics used to worship here privately, away from the protestants to avoid being seen. Anyway, enough of the history lessons lets get into it.

To hike to Luds Church takes about 30 mins from the carpark. To get there you are best off navigating to Luds Church Carpark on google maps. Just typing in Luds Church will take you to the middle of a random road. To then hear "you have arrived".

Once you have arrived at the car park turn right and follow the road all the way down until you reach a stream. Cross the stream carry on straight then you will see a sign that says Luds Church directing you to the left. From here its all up hill. Just follow the signs from there and you will soon find it on your right hand side after following a few trails.

Once you arrive here you will soon be blown away by the incredible caverns and gorges all covered with vegetation. I would recommend coming here in autumn or summer because I think thats when it looks best. The vegetation will either be vibrant green as seen below or those awesome autumn colours.

The best weather for Luds Church photographywise (probably not a real word but anyway) is cloudy (mood) or when the weather is sunny at sunrise or sunset. That is the best time to go to get those pictures looking even better. Sunrise or sunset you can get really nice shafts of light glowing through. You may want to come just before sunrise/ sunset as the gorge is pretty high so it may go behind the gorge before it actually sets.

This place isn't massive but theres so many great photo opportunities, not just for landscape/ nature type shots. I'm looking into doing some portraits here too.

So yeah, all in all this is a great spot and definitely worth a visit to get some awesome shots. Good luck finding your way there and let me know how you get on- Join my facebook group here. Thank you for reading.


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