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My Photo Journey through Papau New Guinea

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Papau New Guinea is one of the most interesting diverse places on the earth. The country is fantastic for street photography and for landscape photography. I rarely shoot street but I couldn't turn down the opportunity here. I'm sure you will see what I mean when you go! I went to Kiriwina, Alotau and the Conflict Islands.

Kiriwina is paradise, the white sand beaches, the friendly locals and the tropical vibes all come together to make an incredible location. There is a bustling market full of hand made carvings and all sorts; coconuts, fruits, beetle nuts! Everything is very affordable too. I paid about $10 for a handcarved mask with paua shell. The locals were very up for photographs. They had even dressed for the occasion!

The locals do not shy away from their cannibalistic past. On entry I was greeted by a man that wanted to take me to a cannibal skull cave. There were human skulls dotted around the place. Don't worry though they don't still do that. I wouldn't be sat here typing this if they did!

The locals really were fascinating I managed to get some really different photos of them.

After visiting this fantastic island, I went on to the city of Alotau. Much like most busy cities in 3rd world countries, hustle bustle, random things being sold left right and centre, Alotau wasn't much different. There were some interesting areas where the locals resided which was great for street photography. There was also some great landscapes surrounding the area.

The surrounding poverty was quite bad, but the people were very friendly. When they saw me enter their village they invited me for a tour around. Very hospitable, genuine people.

As I mentioned before the surrounding landscapes were stunning. There was cloud inversions at sunset rolling through all of these tropical hills, perfect for getting some nice shots!

Alotau was an interesting place to visit but nothing could prepare me for where I went next. The conflict islands are one of the coolest places I've ever been!

These islands are practically empty and owned by someone. Whenever visitors come they bring a tribe to welcome everyone. They have their own currency which is paper tokens. The beaches are white sand, crystal blue water, coral, coconut bars, turtles, lush tropical forests. This place is literally paradise. More so than Kiriwina, but Kiriwina was better for street photography.

I only stayed here for one day and as we sailed away we were treated to an unbelievable sunset. There are so many little islands around and with the light and the sky the way it was you really couldn't go wrong!

That's the lot. I hope you enjoyed reading this and be sure to let me know if you end up heading there yourself :


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