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Sailing into Olden, Norway. Photo Heaven.

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Olden is a popular port visited by many cruise ships and other methods of transport. If you are coming here you are in for a treat. I would recommend sailing there if possible as the views you will see going through the fjords are unbelievable. This is one of the most photogenic ports you can find and there are many opportunities to take great shots.

The lake pictured above is walking distance from the port. It's an incredible location to hike around, take photos or whatever you like; we even took a BBQ there. You can swim in this lake although be warned it's very cold! As you can see above there are many flowers surrounding the lake providing a great foreground for shots. This was taken during summer and I'm sure they won't be around come winter. However I'm sure it's equally beautiful during the winter.

The Location of the Lake- South of the Port

The Lake Floen can dry up sometimes giving a different kind of opportunity every time you visit. The first time I went the lake was a lot less full than the second time, this can give you a completely different kind of foreground. The rocks that appear underneath give you another fantastic foreground to frame the lake.

The other side of Olden is equally incredible. There is an incredible glacier you can go on visit on a tour. Yet again providing fantastic photo opportunities and hiking. There's also the Loen skylift which I would highly recommend going up. You will get magnificent views from here. It's always worth looking at the fjords from above to appreciate the grandeur of them. The website for the skylift is here The lift takes around 5 minutes to get to the top of Mt Hoven.

The View from the Top of Loen Skylift

A short walk from the port you can find another beautiful lake with waterfalls- yet another fantastic photo spot.

The day I went it was very cloudy so you can just about see the waterfalls in the top right of the photograph above. If you go be sure to send some pictures of the full valley without clouds if you get the right conditions!

Location of the Lake next to Loen

As mentioned in the beginning its well worth sailing to this location for the incredible fjord views you will get sailing in and out. Here's some shots I got.

Private Shoot with a Couple Sailing through the Fjords

Sunset Sailing out

As stated before this is an unbelievable location for photography. I would highly recommend you go!

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