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Canon should never have made such an Amazing Lens so Cheap! Best Value for Money Ever!!!

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

This is the lens everyones been talking about. I recall one of my friends asked me to help them buy a camera. So we went to a shop were looking around. We found something, then they asked me what lenses they should get. I instantly said for your first lens I'd get the 50mm F1.8 that canon have just released. All the sales assistants in the shop instantly started grinning. They all knew about this lens and you should too!

As you can see in the portrait above the level of sharpness and clarity you get from this lens is like the best of the best lenses out there. You have to remember that this shot has had about 90% of its quality taken out to be posted online too- you can't really post a 70mb file as it will take way too long to load.

The Canon 50mm F1.8 is so lightweight just to add yet another benefit to this lens. I hardly ever shoot landscapes at 50mm but I always take this lens with me. Because I think well why not it weighs 159 grams- thats less than a hamster! I mean really thats nothing. And trust me when you are hiking for 4/5 hours plus, weight is something you seriously take into consideration!

Canon's 50mm Range

Pictured above is the range of canon's 50mm prime lenses. I have tried them all. The f 1.4 (middle one) is okay but honestly I didn't find it as sharp as the f 1.8 (left) and the autofocus wasn't great. Then the 1.2 (right) is a fantastic piece of kit- I can't deny that! The only thing with the 1.2 is the price tag attached to it - £1239.99!! I have used both the f1.8 and the f1.2 in a studio with the same light set up shooting the same thing. And honestly, I couldn't really tell the difference between them in terms of sharpness and image quality. I unfortunately can't post the images on here because they were used commercially but you can take my word for it! The main difference between these two lenses was autofocus in low light was a lot better on the 1.2. But to pay £1239.99 instead of £93.99 for better autofocus in low light seems a little crazy to me!

All in all, I honestly can't recommend this lens enough. Anyone who asks me what lens they should buy I always recommend this one. You can't beat the price when you consider the quality that you get. Pick your one up here before they figure out they're charging too little, and its too late! Get yours HERE!


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