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Wildcamping in the Lake District

The Lake District is one of the most beautiful areas in the UK. This also makes it one of the best places to Wild Camp (why not get the best views right?). I recently went up to Angle Tarn and thought I'd document the experience. For anyone looking to give this a go, Angle Tarn is a great place to start.

The tarn is accessible from various different locations. There is plenty of information on how to get there here. It took me around an hour and a half to get up lugging all the camera equipment and camping gear with us. Definitely worth it for those views!

We started doing some commercial work on arrival. This was for Readywise camping food so got to eat something after that long walk. If that is your intention up here, its a great place for it. My mate was also shooting for a camping company. Both fit into the setting really well.

There are a range of amazing backdrops at your disposal. Views over Thirlmere, the tarn itself and some really nice mountains too.

You will get really nice photos or video up here. The Tarn itself is an easy place to camp. There is plenty of spots with wind shelter and no midges too! We chose to camp on the east side of the tarn for the views, even though it was a little more exposed.

Not a bad view to wake up to right? Overall I would highly recommend this for a wild camp/ photography session.

Sunrise and sunset are both good here. I would probably give sunset the edge. They both offer nice side light over the tarn. With this being a mountainous location, you will lose the light before it sets so you only get 20 mins of golden light at sunrise and sunset then maybe nice colours if you are lucky.

For more photos around the Lake District be sure to give my instagram a follow @joe.dambra. If you are interested in some similar commercial work for your brand feel free to reach out on my contact page.


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