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Why Every Photographer Needs to Get a Drone!

Perhaps you've been considering it for a while, maybe it's never been on the agenda. Either way, getting a drone will take your photography to the next level. I know they're expensive, and yet another thing to add to the camera bag. They're worth it trust me; let me explain why. Oh, and stick around to the end for my list of recommendations!

Unique Perspectives

Drones offer a completely different point of view. Something completely out of the ordinary, that will help your work to stand out over others. There are some places that don't look all that amazing from ground level, but look incredible from above.

Take the above heart shaped reservoir, or the boats pictured below as an example. I mean they look ok from the ground, but completely different from above, these are places I refer to as drone spots. Every drone spot on the planet is unlocked for you, the second you take the jump and get one.

Group Photos

Group shots can be hard to get right, especially if there is a lot of people. Just flying a little higher than everyone can not only offer a unique perspective, it can offer different compositions, and makes getting everyones face in the shot so much easier. Plus I mean people tend to be quite impressed, and happy with a drone so you'll get some great expressions too!

Something Else to Offer to Clients

A drone will add to your list of selling points. Some prospective clients may specifically be looking for drone work, or a mixture. You may be forking out money initially, you can however soon be making that back.

They're Great Fun to Use

Drones are amazing, since I got my first one, I never looked back. Its one of the best feelings looking around an area you are stood in, from a completely new perspective. Once you've had your first flight, thats it you'll be hooked.

They're Easy to Use

All the drones I am about to recommend to you are 1- easy to set up, and 2- easy to use. Unlike some drones, all of these ones have GPS positioning. This means that they won't blow around with the wind etc. The drone will stay, and go wherever you want it to. That makes it so much easier to fly, I have some without GPS and trust me, there's a massive difference. They're made for us photographers to concentrate on getting those shots, everything else is taken care of.

Recommended Drones

Mavic Mini 2 - Tiny, lightweight, recording 4K and taking RAW photos. This is a great drone to get the ball rolling with!

Mavic Air 2- Ever since this drone came out, all I have heard is rave reviews. Having tried it myself, I can see why. Slightly bigger and more powerful than the Mavic Mini 2, the Mavic Air 2 has a 48mp camera, 4k video and also shoots in RAW.

Mavic Pro 2 (Hasselblad)- Slightly bigger and more powerful than the two above, this is my personal drone. I can't recommend it enough. It will get through strong winds, shoots 4k, shoots RAW and the camera is fantastic. I mean it's a Hasselblad, need I say anymore?


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