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Where can I go to take Photos after Autumn/Fall?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Those amazing colours are going/gone, you are left with bare trees and dead leaves all over the floor. Where can you go to take some pictures now? I mean there are still many great locations, a lot of them all year round. Bare forests can work too, don't get me wrong, they do look quite bleak though. Depends what kind of look you are going for. I'll give you some tips and inspiration to help you find some great spots just after those colours have disappeared (and will do for a while now!).

If you are avoiding areas with large amounts of woodland/ foliage (which I tend to do this time of year). There's actually plenty of choice, some places look fantastic all year round, and others can be enhanced a little this time of year with frost/snow.

Before I get into it, just want to mention that if it does snow where you are, that's a complete game changer. Woodlands will again look incredible, to be honest practically everywhere you go will look very different and photogenic in the snow. That is another post for another day though. Lets talk about places you can go when its not snowing (which is often in the UK now unfortunately!).

Mountain Ranges

Mountains will look stunning all year round. Unless you go to a mountainous area with a lot of foliage, they actually won't change much all year round. The most noticeable thing for me is the grass, going from a green to more of a brown colour and the disappearance of wild flowers. This can look cool in your pictures, and give some more variation.


Coastal areas are another place that doesn't change so much all year round (colour-wise). Especially on the beach. That opens the gate to all kinds of lighthouse and rocky beach type shots, with little to no bare foliage around. Coastal shots are always a winner!


While you may miss out on some autumnal colours in cities, they're still great to shoot all year round. There is always something going on, whether you chose to shoot street or cityscapes, the time of year doesn't make much difference. A city won't change nearly as much as a forest through the year!

Those are the 3 main places I tend to stick to after autumn, and throughout winter. Just trying to keep away from areas with dense foliage, for me it just looks a bit dismal throughout winter. Don't let me put you off though, if you have an eye for "moody" photos the dead foliage is great and can definitely work. If not, then here are some ideas for you. If you would like to add anymore, please let me know on my facebook group here!


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