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What is a Media Kit and why do you need one?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Media kits have become one of the most important assets a photographer can have for getting work. They allow your prospective clients to see at a glimpse everything you have done, examples of your work and the value that you may bring to their business. We live in an age where people can't spend hours researching one person. Especially in the photography industry, there's just so much choice. Therefore, to anyone that is looking to expand or start their own photography business. I have decided to write about media kits, they're so important and will help you so much!

What is a Media Kit?

Just like pictured above, this is my media kit (Oct 2020). You can see its a very quick breakdown of my work, brands I have worked with (if you haven't before, don't worry about this. You can leave it out until you do), a short bio, a photo of me, contact details, instagram breakdown and a little bit about me. You can design something similar using photoshop or whatever software you are comfortable with.

Like I mentioned at the start, its a very quick breakdown for potential clients to see of you as a photographer. A photographers CV pretty much.

Why do I need one?

A media kit is going to make you look a lot more professional for a start. People will take you a lot more seriously with one. It has almost become an industry standard for getting commercial level work. If you ever were approached by clients, they may ask you straight up for your media kit. Then you would have to scramble to make one as quickly as you could to send back. Much better to have one ready made and constantly updated.

In any genre of photography, even wedding. This could be what helps you stand out over others. You are making the people you want to work for lives easy. They will certainly appreciate that. Rather than trawling through your website trying to find out information, its all there on one piece of paper.

So get making one now, it will pay off in the future. There are plenty of guides online if you are not sure how to make one. Honestly just playing around in photoshop will certainly get you somewhere though.


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