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The Best Spot for Commercial Photography in the Lake District

The Lake District has so many beautiful locations its hard to chose a winner. For commercial photography (and perhaps landscapes) Great Gable is probably my favourite. The view is unbelievable, not to mention the range of different shots you can capture from here.

I wanted to share some shots I took here from a recent shoot for Bare and Wild. Bare and Wild are focused on outdoor style clothing, so this location is a perfect fit for this brand. It's always important to match the brand to the location for maximum impact and brand image. Any outdoor style brand works here, I'm sure many others would too.

In terms of lighting, the sun sets behind this lake. So its perfect at sunset which makes it a lot easier. Trust me if you have ever done a commercial shoot at sunrise you will know what I mean. Your model will definitely thank you for picking a sunset spot.

There are plenty of different compositions you can get up here, the lake view being one of the most prominent. It's always a good idea to give your client a range of images to work with. Some locations you can make it look as if you have been to numerous places. Which is always going to bring more value to your photography and the brand you are working for.

The conditions on Great Gable are highly variable. With it being a mountainous area, they can change rapidly. This can be a good thing giving you a range of conditions to work with for photos. This can be potentially dangerous too, or wipe the shoot out through something like a white out. It's always best to check the forecast in detail before you go up. Regardless, prepare for any kind of condition.

The walk up is not to be taken lightly, I would definitely advise having some hiking experience beforehand. You can find plenty of routes here.

Feel free to reach out with any feedback. If you would like some commercial work for your brand, reserve your spot here.


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