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Photography in Glencoe Scotland

Glencoe is one of the most scenic locations in Scotland. Perfect for commercial and landscape photography. I recently went and was lucky enough to get a cloud inversion. So I wanted to share those photos along with some tricks and tips on the area. Keep reading until the end for details of a lesser known spot!

There is an abundance of photography opportunities everywhere you look. The mountain above is called Buachaille Etive Mor. This is one of my favourites and definitely one of the most photogenic. A drone certainly helps in the area, as you can see from this shot. There are however plenty of ground level shots available.

The famous hut pictured above can also be found under Buachaille Etive Mor. There are so many perspectives and compositions to be found here. Possibly one of the best photo spots in Scotland. You can find this place as you drive down the main road going through Glencoe. Both sunrise and sunset are good in this location. Glencoe is usually overcast so won't make much difference if that is the case. Glencoe is famous for its "mood" and its looks really good in overcast weather too.

The above shots were from a different visit to Glencoe during the winter. You can see the difference in the colours the landscape shows off. The mood does actually go really well with the vibe of this place, good light also works. Pretty much any conditions here and you can pull off a really nice shot!

The Three Sisters of Glencoe can be seen in the top shot with the silhoette. They are a fantastic photography spot. I would love to climb them someday. There is another picturesque hut located at the bottom. This can also be seen and accessed from the road.

I have found it more difficult to find a good composition for this location in comparison to the other hut. Using the lake as a foreground has cracked it for me. I have seen some great shots using the path as a leading line too.

As promised at the start I wanted to talk about a lesser known part of Glencoe called Glen Etive. You can access this place by a single track road. There is plenty of parking at the bottom.

Pictured above is Loch Etive. An aerial perspective really shows the place off. You can get some amazing reflections at ground level too- plenty of mountain compositions. The road leading to here was used for filming Skyfall James Bond the scenery will not disappoint.

Just take a look at that area. You can't go far wrong here. Keep an eye on the direction of the sunset/ sunrise depending on time of year. You can get the sunset at the end of the loch which is on of the best locations during winter. This shot was taken during summer and it sets behind a mountain on the left hand side of the shot, clipping in light all over the valley.

Let me know if you have any questions and good luck shooting in one of the best spots in Scotland!


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