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Photographer? Here's some Good Reasons to Start Videography too.

Having only got into videography recently myself, I just wanted to encourage other people to try it out. If you are already taking photos, you're not far off anyway. There are lots of good reasons to try videography out. So let's take a look at why that is.

Similar and Transferrable Skills

Cameras are cameras. All that hard work you have done, learning about aperture, shutter speed etc, is easily transferred to videography. Not to mention, compositional skills, lighting everything. There are so many skills that seamlessly transfer over to videography. Colour grading and video editing is very like photo editing. The jump from Lightroom to Premier Pro in terms of editing colours, highlights, shadows etc isn't much different.

Of course there are many new skills to learn, and new concepts to understand like frame rates. However, if you know your photography, you will already know a lot about videography.

More Money!

While I'm sure most of you reading this got into photography for the right reasons, and not just for money. I'm sure you wouldn't object to a little extra. There is probably overall more demand for video work than photography, from what I have seen. Then not to mention, people charge a lot for professional videos. So make the most of your clients, and offer video packages on-top of what you are already doing.

Of course, you don't want to damage your reputation, so for your first few throw them in at a discount or free. Get used to making videos and then you'll be much more confident charging for them. Who knows, you could get hired solely for video gigs in the future.

More Creative Options

Photography offers endless amounts of creative options, I'm not denying that. Just video offers something different, alongside photography. There are so many cool ways to film and photograph anything. Filming just gives you more options, and more content at the end of the day.

Here is a little clip I made for Instagram, trying something new!

Social Media

Videos are being pushed on social media massively. Across all platforms, it's quite clear to see that videos are the future. Personally I have been using Instagram reels, and its really working. All it takes is one video to go viral on any of these platforms, and you can make a fantastic career off the back of it. You are effectively putting all your eggs in one basket with photography. Then not to mention what I just said, social media companies will push your videos more than your photos, so definitely worth getting some out there.

You're Already There

Whenever you are on a roll taking great photos somewhere, that place will also be a great place for video. You may as well mix it up and take some video too. Like I said before, you are getting more content. The more content you get, the better! I normally concentrate primarily on photos, but I still try and get some good video content wherever I am. Then to be honest I find more good photo angles through videoing, so its a win win situation really.

So yeah, give it a try, I mean what have you got to lose. Sure you will have to learn a lot of new things, but at the same time you have a massive advantage over someone who has never held a camera before. Since I started it, I really enjoy it and don't regret going into it at all.


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