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Keen Footwear's Revel IV Mid Polar Winter Boots- Review

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

I was recently asked to photograph, and give a review of these great walking boots. I know this isn't specifically photography related (like everything else on my blog). However, if you are out there taking photos of stunning landscapes, then some good walking boots is a must. After really testing these boots out, in various different places. I can give you a detailed review, and show you some of the shots I got along the way!

These walking boots are designed for cold weather, and with it being autumn (or fall if you're American) where I am at the moment, I couldn't have got them at a better time. They really do keep your feet warm, the soles have some insulation in them which makes a real, noticeable difference. I've tried out a lot of walking boots, some like these ones designed for the cold. I can honestly say these are the warmest. It really is one of the worst things when you are out there, hiking through a breathtaking landscape, miles away from your car, house, hotel or just civilisation in general. Then the temperature drops and your feet are freezing cold. Keeping your extremities warm is so important, and these boots definitely help with that.

Usually walking boots that are designed for winter are heavier than general or summer boots. That is true with these boots, they are heavier than some other boots I have owned. That is expected though, I mean, you need more insulation in them. As far as winter boots go, they are really light. I managed to hike up some seriously steep mountain passes wearing them, and didn't notice them impeding my progress at all. That is something great about them, I haven't found anything like it before. You really don't want to be lugging heavy boots around going on long walks, but equally don't want cold feet. They solve this issue.

The waterproof abilities of any walking boot is another hugely important factor. You will always come across rivers, puddles, all kinds of water obstacles. The last thing you want is wet feet. Some other boots I have had, well lets just say I've had some bad experiences with water. The Revel IV Mid Polar Boots can get fully submerged, no problem. You won't get wet feet wearing them, well unless you step somewhere deeper than the boot and water comes in over the top. I mean, that won't happen if you are careful (unlike me at times ha!).

These are honestly, some really cool boots. A great asset for anyone that likes to go on adventures, especially during winter. I had an awesome time testing them out, and want to thank the team at Keen for letting me do so. I'm going to continue to use them throughout winter because I don't like cold feet or heavy boots. You can check them out here for yourself, highly recommended!


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