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How to Make the Most of the Autumn Colours

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

It only comes around once a year and you get a 2-3 week window of those perfect colours. So, how can we make the most of it right? Here's a few tips and tricks to get yourself some beautiful autumnal photographs.

Bad Weather is Good Weather

I get it, sounds a little odd. But what I'm saying is that when it's raining a bit, cloudy, what you would typically say is bad weather, actually makes those colours come out even more. The rain adds a beautiful glisten to the leaves, and the cloudy weather is like a huge soft box over the sun. Providing gorgeous even light all over the place. This soft light will enhance the colours and make an even bigger impact that clear weather.

So if its rainy and cloudy, I know it's not the most pleasant thing in the world. But trust me its worth it!

Do your Research

Research is so important, finding places that are going to look great in autumn will serve you well. Google earth is a great place to start, you won't see the colours on there, but you can see all of the foliage and make out places that will look good when the colours are out in full. Let's say there's a beautiful local church you see on the maps. If it is surrounded by trees then thats a winner.

I am constantly making notes while I'm out and remembering locations that will look great during autumn. A tree lined road, forests, parks... anything with lots of foliage. You can be selective with your locations too. For example if there is 3 waterfalls near where you live and one has lots of foliage around it, thats your autumn fall!

Going out and visiting these places regularly is the best way to gauge when the best time to photograph them will be. If it is a popular location you can be a little sneaky and look at others photos there, preferably with dates attached to see how far gone it it. This isn't the most reliable method, but its better than nothing.

Go Out as Much as Possible

This window of opportunity won't last long, and just after its all gone for me everything looks a bit grim. All the leaves fall out of the trees, the grass goes to a brownish colour and yeah doesn't look half as good. I'd rather go all out for a few weeks then take a big rest over November (great chance to edit everything), Than go out as much as I normally do and end up missing out on the great opportunities.

If you are working full time, you can grab a cheeky sunrise just before work. Maybe a sunset after. I'm sure if you sit down and work it out you will have plenty of opportunities. Remember its only for a few weeks and 100% worth the sacrifice.


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