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Essential Kit to get for your Drone

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

So, you just got a drone, and you want to know what you should get for it now, right? There are many accessories on the market. Some are really useful and others not so much. Let me run through each accessory you should get for yours, and why.

1. SD Card

You will need an SD card for any drone. There is built in memory on some drones. This will only get you so far though. I'm talking like 5 photos far- you can forget about videos.

There are many different SD cards on the market, varying in memory size and speed. I would get a reasonably fast card (the speed information can get written onto the card) and 64gb- 128gb memory size. 64gb should be fine if you are taking the videos and photos off your card after every shoot and formatting it. 128gb will cover you for sure on every shoot and if you do forget to take the pictures off and wipe the card you should be fine. Personally I use a 128gb, they've gone down in price loads over the years so why not. Anyway, there's the links for them both below.

2. Batteries

Batteries are an absolute must. You are going to extend your flight time and get way more out of your drone each time you take it out. Right now, drones tend to have a battery life of 20-30 mins. This is okay but I can almost guarantee if you stick to the one battery, you will end up going out disappointed at some point.

Picture this; you get to an amazing spot, sun starts to set and its just incredible. You take your drone off and start taking shots. Gets down to 20% battery, the drone starts flashing with alerts to come back. So you think ok I don't want to lose it. Bring it back, then out of nowhere the sunset gets even better. You wish you could have taken off again, got that even better light. You feel like your videos/ photos are good but after seeing the sunset develop, you can't help but feel you could have done better.

Trust me, you don't want to end up like that. I've done it before and it's not fun. So I'll post a few links for batteries below and don't forget to thank me later! 3-4 is a good number to have!

3. Battery Charger

You are probably thinking I already got one of these right? If you get more than one battery it's a pain charging each one individually. Much easier to leave them all on at once. This isn't a must have. It's just going to make your new found extended battery life a lot easier.

Here's some more links for you :)

4. Drone Case

There's a lot of camera bags that will have a safe section for your drone. If you don't want to invest in a camera bag yet, you can get a dedicated case for your drone and put it in your rucksack or just carry it. Just please for the love of god don't put your drone loose in your bag, pocket or something like that!

5. Signal Booster

Now, you've got all the main essentials, a signal boost is a great investment. This doubles up as something which can help you go further, and something that will prevent you getting in a situation (losing signal). If you haven't experienced signal cutting on your drone before you are very fortunate because believe me it's a heart dropping moment. That can be avoided with one of these guys!

Simply put them on your antenna before you fly and enjoy the increased range!

6. Noise Reduction Propellers

Drones can be noisy and annoying, not just to you but to people around you. To minimise your impact on others (and on yourself). These propellers are a great buy. Not expensive either. It's great to have some spares. So you can take the propellers you already have out and replace them with these ones. To be honest propellers are the most likely part of your drone to break at some point- so like I say having spares is handy!

Those 6 accessories are sure to get you well on your way to becoming a great drone pilot. You have all bases covered. There are many other accessories but these are the essentials and you won't regret getting any of them. Happy flying everyone, I hope you enjoyed this and found it useful!


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