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Autumn/Fall is Coming! Christmas Time for Photographers!!

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Yes, thats right! Christmas time for photographers. We only get around 2-3 weeks of prime colouration so use it wisely. There are so many cool ways to utilise this great time of year, in any genre too. I would advise getting out as much as possible to get the most out of it.

Forestry England have predicted an impressive year for Autumn colours (great news!), you can read more about that here. Then, it seems to vary a lot across America with it being such a large area. I did find this really cool map that tells you where the colouration will be at what time. You can check that out here.

There's a lot of different factors that will affect colouration and what time it occurs. Different areas will be hit earlier than others. You can look into the factors such as soil, weather, altitude etc or go to the areas regularly to find out what is going on. If the area is visited frequently you may find some useful information about autumn on the internet.

These colours will make a massive difference to your photos, its so important to get out as much as possible. Everything just looks that little bit more magical, and when all the leaves drop everything looks a lot more moody. Not saying you can't still get good photos then, just your chances are much higher with all these amazing colours around to use.

Like I said at the start, it doesn't matter what genre you are in. These colours can really add something to your photos. See below, the portrait with all these colours popping all over the place. You can add something really special to your images just from going out this time of year.

So yeah, this week its a quick one but if you haven't got the message yet... Go out, do your research and make the most of it!!! I will be hosting a massive autumn competition on my facebook group, with lots of other activities. Get involved here!


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